As a parent, a citizen, an activist, an employee and an entrepreneur I've had a lifetime of diverse experience that have prepared me to run for MN State Legislature. Recently as an injured worker fighting giant corporations for basic access to healthcare, to get an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment for a workplace injury. I've had a tour of a frustrating bureaucracy that doesn't serve the average worker, but serves an example for why we need universal singlepayer healthcare, ASAP. Read my resume

Campaign is suspended until this challenge is resolved and related legal remedies are pursued. However, we must raise money to settle campaign debts and to fully engage in the challenge process.

We anticipate our challenges will be successful and the campaign will resume within the coming days and weeks, and it will be a great benefit to have maintained our bank account and webhosting in place.

Additionally we are anticipating canvassing to assess the need of MN House District 2A, to register voters and to advocate for the issues that so many of our delegates went to their precinct caucus, submitted resolutions and voted for.

All of this requires money. Please donate to the campaign committee via ActBlue. If you are unable to afford to donate, please consider volunteering. If you would like to volunteer, please send an e-mail to

Senate District 2 DFL challenges

There are multiple challenges related to the improper procedures and lack of proper organization for the March 17th, 2018 Senate District DFL convention. AS a result of the long standing malfeasance or nonfeasance of SD DFL officers the organizing unit lacks a constitution - or at least that was SD 2 Chair Ted Fiskevold's claim on the day of the convention. Beacuse the unit lacks a constitution as required by the MN Democratic-Farmer-Party Constitution and Bylaws, it's quite likely the organization cannot actually endorse any candidates. Additionally processes forbidden by the state and national Democratic parties were used in conducting the House District 2A endorsement, the current endorsement is likely to be ruled invalid.

It is also unfortunate that Michael Northbird was dishonest to the Senate District 2 convention and House District 2A endorsing subcaucus. An aspect of his dishonesty is omitting disclosure of who paid for his preconvention campaign communications. This failure to disclose is an obvious violation of Minnesota's campaign finance laws and fair campaign practices. He also was dishonest about his arrest record and convictions.

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